10 Smart Ways to Save on your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful we known so saving a few bucks is always a win, win.

My suggestion

  1.  Get married in the courthouse.  This will eliminate several things, the fee  for the minister, the cost to decorate a church or hall, the cost of those flowers for the church or hall. As well as the cost for an expensive gown. Depending on the size of the  courtroom, at least 10 people can fit, which will be a nice size ceremony for less than $500.00, depending on the cost of the dress.

   2.   Hold your ceremony in the park in the Spring.   Hopefully, the flowers are in full bloom, this will eliminate the cost for flowers.

3.  Getting married during the holiday season. This will help to reduce your decorating cost because most businesses will already have some decorations in place, so you can add more or not.

4.  DIY your own flowers. Maybe you have a crafty friend that can help. Silk flowers come in an array of colors and all designs, plus they will last forever. Visit your local craft store most have discount coupons and everything else you will need. Vases for table decorations can come from the thrift store, yard sales or flea markets and can be spray painted any color you like.

5.  Have your ceremony and reception in the same location.  This will help with transportation cost, no limo required. Your out of town guest will not need to travel in unfamiliar places and possible become lost.

6.  Have your reception in a restaurant. This eliminates the hassle of having a venue set up with tables, linens, decorations, flowers and not to mention bring in the food. You will get one bill and the restaurant will provide everything.

7.  Don’t serve a sit down dinner.  You can cut your food bill in half by serving heavy hord’oeuveres. If you are having an outdoor wedding have an ice cream bar, morning wedding, set up a breakfast bar, if you are having a mid morning wedding, serve finger sandwiches.   Save money any way you can.

8.  Fake your wedding cake. Have a bakey decorate one or 2 layers of cardboard with the top layer real for cutting.  You can serve cupcakes  or buy a couple sheet cakes from your local grocery store and decorate with the same silk flower from your wedding.

9.  Don’t offer endless alcohol.  Serve 1 signature cocktail, beer from a keg and or wine.

10.  Be your own DJ. Plug in your playlist. Connect your phone to a speaker and party on.

Here is a  Free suggestion: If you have a friend that offers to bake your cake, decorate your venue or do anything for free, Let Them