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DIY Gift Idea for Your Bridemaids

I know I have seen this idea on Pinterest or Etsy or some other do it yourself website catering to weddings so this may not be new to you. But I think this pouch is an easy do it yourself personal gift that the bride can give to her Bridemaids, Maid of Honor and even the Mother of Groom.

I found my pouches at an import store that sells merchandise from around the world. They actually monogram these which is another great idea. But since I had all the other supplies on hand I decided to Do It My Way

List of Supplies
Burlap pouches (6) or more
Lace (iron on, sew on or glue on)
Monogram letters, mine are peel and stick. Since I am not actually giving these away, I used what I had on hand.
Hot glue gun (optional), I used it because again I am not giving these away. If I was giving these away I would sew the lace in place.

Idea…. The possibilities are endless, you can use canvas or cloth pouches, the monogram can be in any color you choose and you can use as much or as little of the lace as you like. The idea is to Do It Your Way.

Design Idea 1: Lace and monogram on the corner of the pouch

Design Idea 2: Lace and monogram in the center of the pouch.

Design Idea 3: Lace trimming on the top front of the pouch and  monogram and lace on the corner. Do It Your Way….

Idea…As I was posting this I thought of another idea of using a colored lace or tassel type trimming that matches your wedding colors.

I think these are beautiful, inexpensive and easy to assemble, three of my favorite words.  It actually took me less than 2 hours to complete these with a glue.  Most of the time was spent trimming the lace. 

Tell me what is your opinion


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DIY Ideas for Jewelry and Accessories for the Bride and Her Maids

The bride’s jewelry is one of the crowning pieces of the day, and they must be special, especially because all eyes will be on her. It can be extravagant or as simple as a pearl set from your grandmother.  Which ever way you decide to go, do it your way.


These sets are beautiful and can be made in almost any color these days.  They would make a beautiful thank you gift  for all your bride maids….Made by me, and they will even make a nice gift for the mother of the groom.

Now for the bride only…The Garter Set.  These are custom made just for you, your choice of colors….Made by me  

I found 2 very budget friendly and simple idea on Even if you are not a crafty person I know you have some finger nail polish in the house. The site gives you an excellent step by step instructions with pictures. And of course you can choose your favorite color and or lace trim.

What was your easy do it yourself project for your wedding??







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Ideas For A Frugal Bride


We all know that a wedding can cost in the thousands if you let it . The frugal bride finds a way to save on everything starting with getting herself dressed. Let’s start with the dressing the head . Will you wear a  crown, hair combs or maybe just a few jeweled hairpins. All of these can be hand-made in one hour or less, using real or silk flowers.

Now you need your bouquet, these too can be hand-made in an hour or two, with real or silk flowers also. As you see your bouquet can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. These same flowers can be used for the groom and groomsman .