Spring has Sprung in South Carolina


Spring has sprung in South Carolina. We went from freezing  temperatures  two weeks ago to a steady 70 degrees with a few days in the 80s. Unfortunately , last year in late September early October we had a storm called the  2000 Year Flood. What had happen was, it rained 13 straight days. This caused lakes and rivers to overflow and dams to break, causing massive flooding. The dams have been repaired but the lakes and rivers and gullies are all still above normal levels. I said all of this to say that because of the excessive standing water we have Mosiquitoes, LARGE Mosquitoes.

This makes me happy ( not for the mosiquitos) but for the opportunity to plant. I love spending time in my yard, planting flowers of all types and entertaining. Perennials are my favorite, not only because they a beautiful but because they come back year after years.  That translates into less work as I get older. I have planted everything from Elephant Ears to Hydrangeas. This project will be focused on plants that will help to deter mosquitoes. I will still wear repellant but because of the size of these mosquitoes I think I need more help.

Beautiful rightMy first choice is Lavenderlavender-894919_1280

Beautiful right, I will not be planting a vinyard but a couple large pots full. Lavender requires full sun and can even be dried and used as an air freshener indoors, this will be a win, win.

My next choice is the Marigold


I chose the Marigolds  because I love the color combination yellow and the purple from the Lavender plant, pictured above. Although, the Marigolds are annuals, and will not come back next year , they are worth the investment. They will last until late Spring to early Summer if kept in partial sun. They are also one of the top 5 listed plants to deter mosquitoes.

My third choice is Lemon Balm 


The Lemon Balm will be planted in a pot by itself because it is invasive, meaning it will show up where you did not plant it which can be a nousance  if you have a planned structured planted bed.  If I had an empty spot in a sunny location I would plant it in the ground and let it do what it naturally does because it is very fragant.

Some of the other choices would be Citronella, Mint, Peppermint and Rosemary, pictured above. All of these are very fragrant and as you can see the Rosemary has a beautiful, bluish purple colored flower. Just image the smell on a breezy Summer day.

Happy Spring